Hide price and add to cart for WooCommerce

How to hide WooCommerce price and add to cart button for a certain product in your online shop? Probably you've wondered about this if you landed on this page. Or some of you might wonder why would you want to do this for a WooCommerce product. We want to sell the products, right?

Why do you need to hide add to cart button and price for a WC product?

If you do not have a reason to do that, you might ask yourself why is this needed sometimes. Maybe you want to hide price and cart button for a certain product because the product is not available yet. As a consequence, you want people to see the product image and description and probably you will add a contact link on the page. They will click on the contact link and will be able to ask questions about the product. Or you can add a contact form on the product page.

ZI Hide Product Price and Add to cart Button for WooCommerce - WP Plugin

So here comes this FREE plugin which I have just built. It is Zen Invader's first WordPress plugin.

How to install and activate the plugin?

1. Download the plugin from WordPress Plugin repository.

2. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New. Then click on Upload Plugin. Browse and locate the zi-woo-hide-price-cart.zip file on your computer.

zi install plugin

3. Activate the plugin. That is all! You need to have WooCommerce installed and activated too. :)

How to use this plugin

The plugin it is ready to be used. It adds a checkbox for every WooCommerce product category: "Hide Price and Add to Cart button for this category".

woo product category new option

So, if the checkbox is checked, it means that all the products under that category will have the prices and add to cart buttons hidden. This checkbox is unchecked by default. Consequently, when the plugin is installed and activated, no changes are done to any product category.

You need to edit the category and check the box, if you want to hide products under a certain category. Or you can create a new product category and call it something like "My Future Products" (or whatever name you want). For this category, just check the box and ALL products under it will have the price and add to cart button hidden.

Finally, this plugin adds a new column to product categories table. This shows which categories have this option enabled. It is particularly useful when you have many product categories in your WP-WC shop.

woocommerce products categories new column

To explain what happens, in just two images, here it is.

First you have a product page which looks like this:

woo product price add cart

After the plugin is installed, activated and the option "Hide Price and Add to Cart button for this category" is checked for the category under which the product is added, the page will look like this:

woo product hide price add cart

Please let us know if you like this plugin and how is it working for you. We would be delighted to hear your opinions and suggestions.

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