Divi Extension to List Child Pages


Divi List Child Pages is an extension for Elegant Themes Divi theme which I have developed some time ago.

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In the meantime I have worked on it and added new features. This extension adds a module to Divi builder which can create a list of child pages (subpages). With the new 2.0.0 version this list of subpages can have multiple levels and subpages can be sorted and ordered. Also the current page link (active link) can be highlighted (different color, font family, font style, color).

A list generated by this module can look like this:

Divi List Child Pages Module Settings

Once you activate the plugin, you will notice a new module:

zi list child pages divi insert module

Module settings can be found under the "Content" tab:

zi list child pages

  1. Select the page for which you want to show the child pages list. - choose the page for which you want to list the child pages.

  2. Order child pages by:

-- Title
-- Date
-- ID
-- Order (the number which can be added in the field Page Attributes > Order when a page is edited)
-- Random

  1. How to sort pages:

-- Ascending Order
-- Descending Order

  1. Number of levels in the hierarchy of pages (Default is 1. Use 0 for all levels.) - this is a major feature added to version 2.0.0.

  2. Select the list type:

-- Unordered List
-- Ordered List

Divi List Child Pages Module Design Options

zi list child pages design options

Just like any other module, Divi List Child Pages has full design options.

To style the link for the current page (active link), click on the 4th tab:

zi list child pages design options active link


So, if you were wondering how to generate a list of subpages of a page on Divi WordPress theme, this plugin is the answer.

If you think this plugin would be useful for your Divi website, you can buy it here. If you have any questions, suggestions, please let me know.

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